We are a Photographic Studio located in Playa del Carmen, just 1 minute walking distance from Playa´s del Carmen 5th Avenue. With 10 years of experience creating visual productions, marketing and arts we launched on 2016 the adventure of our lifes.

We are proud to share the world our biological and cultural richness.

From its conception, BUSHMAN has been created with every aspect of the environment in mind. We are on the way to get the Rain Forest Alliance Certification as well as partnerships with the communities. Our view is that the Mayan Community must benefit from our presence.

We have spared no effort to minimize our impact on the environment by training our staff and business partners, keeping a safe distance from wildlife, and of course, advising everyone who travels with us on the best environmental behaviors and practices. We’re also working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and we support a number of environmental conservation projects.

The way we see it, actions like these benefit everyone: Local communities get greater opportunities for economic development, natural habitats are properly taken care of, and participants are able to go further than anyone else, deep under the skin of the Mayan region.


Once we finish the expedition, we’re not done.

Each participant will have the opportunity to provide some of their best shots towards conservation projects, which may include:

  • A photographic record of the biodiversity of the area
  • An online exposé featuring your most beautiful images
  • A gallery or other public display

If you let your images be used for conservation projects, is a great way to give something back.


We believe, in mother nature as the one and only...

Bushmen are one of the only civilizations living on earth that still live like they used to, since their own beginning, more than 100,000 years ago. The Bushman live with the belief that everything belongs to every one, and that no one will ever take more from the bush, than he needs to survive. That’s why they are the most expert explorers in all times because they never stay in one place for more than 8 or 10 days. They believe that if they stand in one place for more time they start to fit the environment. They have no concept of lie, no hierarchy everybody is equal, there is no sense of possessions, whatever they have equally belongs to everyone, everything is shared.

Lets share the world the Riviera Maya history , life and landscape through photography , and lets make others start loving and caring ... the earth.


Rivera Maya, Mexico June 24th ,2017

… There’s a story that comes from India that says that once upon a time. Humans had the Gods head in themselves. But we behaved so bad that they decided to take it away from us. So they were trying to figure out where to hide it. One said let’s put it at the bottom of the ocean, but everybody said NO, one day they will find it. Let’s put in in the sky, NO one day, they will fly to the sky and find it. And then, one of them said, Let’s put it inside of their bodies because they will never look it inside them… We have to look inside of ourselves to figure this out…

We are one species, one single individual, ourselves as a single species in this planet. All the different creatures, the oceans, atmospheres, soil, oceans, are working together. Which through the history life on earth have kept the optimal conditions to the evolution to continue. When you look in to the earth from a more profound way, you realize the hole planet is a single living system.

Clearly the most fundamental physical problem that we are facing. Is this exploiting fountain of carbon into the atmosphere, warming the planet. And that comes from the fact that fossil fuel radically transformed our set of possibilities to transform our planet. We know that we can affect the world. We are facing an ecological crisis that has the capacity to tremendously alter life on earth. We don’t know what will happen if the nature web of life disappears.

There’s something very wrong in the way in which we understand who we are and our relationship with the earth. We have to find meaning in our everyday activities.

Every other culture in the history of the planet has told stories that they were connected to nature, that nature was their mother, was their father, was their source of their existence.

Now we tell stories that we are separate form nature, we are superior to nature, that we walk around on top of nature. When we look upon our politics, our economics. We see that they are based in the separation between human and the earth. I think that sense of alienation has let us to degrade the earth.

We need to elevate the level of awareness, and photography is my way to offer tools to help this happen. That is my window for wonder. We need to open our hearts to the aw of existence. And connect again with what we really are.

Written by
Mario Dib

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