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“The workshop + tour is diligently planned, researched and scouted for unique photographic opportunities. We have designed for you a mix of cultural, wildlife, landscape, portrait and architectural photography moments.“

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Pick up time: 9:30 am
Drop Off time: 7:30 pm
Actual Duration: 10.5 hrs.
Private Group: up to 8 people
Pick up points:
Playa, Tulum, All Riviera Maya
Prices According to group size
From US $295.00 pp. / Child US $125.00 pp.

The Journey

You will walk around Mayan ruins deep in the jungle of Coba. Snorkel into the depths of a Cenote, uncover the mysteries of age-old caverns, have lunch in Coqui Coqui one of the most exclusive Eco-boutique hotels in the area.

Then you will have a first-person encounter in a native Mayan Village that will give you a taste of sincere Mayan generosity. Enjoy the pristine waters of a Virgin Lagoon and walk through a wild Monkey Sanctuary.

Only a lucky few are able to have this once in a lifetime experience.


The Cenote we carefully choose is one of the most beautiful and virgin underwater caverns in the peninsula. This natural pit or sinkhole is the result of the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes pure groundwater underneath. Major Maya settlements required access to adequate water supplies, and therefore cities, including the famous Chichén Itzá, were built around these natural wells.
Some cenotes played an important role in Maya rites. Believing that these pools were gateways to the afterlife.
We will enjoy Snorkeling through the underground rivers. This Cenote belongs to a Mayan family and is part of the biggest system of caves with water in the world. The crystal clear water is perfect for a nice and refreshing swim. “Believe us when we say that this is the most beautiful Cenote in the Riviera Maya". It's away from crowds because they receive only private groups to generate the smallest impact with our pass.


Our second destination will be one of the most spectacular Mayan sites in the world and the only one where you can climb to the top.

The site is the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world, and it contains many engraved and sculpted stelae that document the ceremonial life and important events of the Late Classic Period (AD 600–900) of Mesoamerican civilization. Enjoy the trip with a bicycle and explore this ancient civilization where you will learn how to do Photography using the Canon DSLR camera that we will provide to everyone in your private group.


Coqui Coqui Coba Residence & Spa Will unleash your inner explorer, this two-tower hideaway offers guests a completely new idea of luxury relaxation with stunning views of the Mayan pyramids.

There ́s nothing compared to this peaceful retreat in the middle of the jungle. You will taste the original cuisine of modern Mayan dishes and the magical atmosphere of this wild and mysterious place.


Enjoy the warm hospitality of a Mayan family in their own house and learn about their history and socially segregated culture. This first-person encounter in a Native Village will give you a taste of sincere Mayan generosity. You and your companions will get to know their way of life, the colors, artifacts, ingredients, aromas, knowledge of medicinal plants, religion and more.

We believe in the power of travel to change the world. With your visit, we help the communities to grow and the people you meet to live a healthier, happier life.

We will enjoy their culture and find local goods and handicrafts. All this will add an intimate range of subjects for our photography experience. Portrait photography will be our focus.


Few places offer such a spectacular variety of natural environments as the Mayan region. The main reason for the incredible exuberance of animal life in the area is the lack of major human settlements. The absence of man has allowed the character of the landscape to remain practically unchanged for centuries. This is a place where we will follow the trace of Spider and Howler Monkeys while enjoying the hike through the Jungle.


What a better way to end up the day, embrace yourself with a beautiful sunset sitting on a deck drinking wine and listening to the sounds of nature.




  • Learn Photography while traveling away from massive tourism.

  • A Photo Shoot from a professional photographer during the experience.

  • Snorkel in the biggest cave with water of the world.

  • The best portrait photos in the intimacy of a Mayan family.

  • A fascinating feeling of taking outside wildlife photography in a Mayan Jungle.

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