How the Bushman´s Photo Tours Dream Started

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August 9, 2017
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September 21, 2017
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How the Bushman´s Photo Tours Dream Started

Since Mario Dib was a child, he dreamed on living the experience of feeling the power of nature. How the earth breathes with every massive migration of animals, every landscape transforming each season, every mother giving birth a new litter.

So finally Mario got the chance to live a Photo Safari on 5 different countries in Africa, just 2 years ago. Then he realized that he could live from organizing Photo Safaris and with that he would have the chance to experience everyday the feeling of being free and in connection with planet earth.

And in the same time it was his opportunity to make his own proyect of Social Impact.

He says that the Riviera Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula is a zone, full of history and natural richness. And that they are loosing it every day because of the massive tourism.

He believes that the Mayan communities are seeking a transition from traditional to new forms of livelihoods that enable engagement with contemporary economic systems and technology. And if this transition is not done through a sustainable perspective. They are going to loose their cultural richness and biodiversity.


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