Muyil Channels & Sian Ka´an Tour…

March 2, 2018
Cenote, Sian Kaan & Swiming Channels
March 20, 2018
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Muyil Channels & Sian Ka´an Tour…


This Private Tour is one of our Best Sellers  in Bushman Photography. And it is because it is perfect to disconnect you in all the possible ways. The Riviera Maya in Yucantan Peninsula is a zone, full of history and natural richness. And we are loosing it every day because of the massive tourism. The tropical jungle, the mangroves and the coral reef is suffering due to our every day impact. We are passionate about our job, and excited to share it others and create with our guests the ambassadors of our natural richness. Every one leaves our Private Tours with a seed planted in their heads that will spread the love and start carrying the earth. Our aim is to raise awareness and spark creativity through our private tours.


The Cenote we carefully chose is considered the Biggest Cave with water in the World. It´s full extension is 347 km  long!!  Believe us , snorkeling in this Cenote is going to take you out from your comfort zone.

We love the tranquility , the total silence… you just gonna hear the movement of the water. That will bring you the most peaceful feeling ever!
You will be able to see how the stalactite and the stalagmites are created, how the life of the bats is on perfect balance with the hole ecosystem and how the Fauna is literally connected with it.

Sian Kaan


When we finish our travel through the Cenote, we will continue our adventure into Sian Ka´an ( UNESCO World Heritage Centre ).

Sian Kaán is one of the most beautiful places you will visit in the Riviera Maya. In the language of the Mayan peoples who once inhabited this region, Sian Ka’an means ¨Origin of the Sky¨.

This Biosphere Reserve contains tropical forests, mangrove forest and wetlands, as well as a large marine section intersected by the Mesoamerican Coral barrier reef (the second largest in the world)

This place will give you an amazing experience!

We will start our trip in Sian Kaán, in a motorboat , which will take us to see the Manatee.

Sian Kaan


¿Do you know what a manatee is?

The Manatees are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals .They are occasionally called sea cows, as they are slow plant-eaters, peaceful and similar to cows on land. They often graze on water plants in tropical seas. They have a large, flexible, prehensil upper lip. They use the lip to gather food and eat, as well as using it for social interactions and communications. Unfortunately they are in danger of extinction, and we are doing our best to to help them with our ecotourism best practices.


When we finished the manatee´s watching, we will continue our Motorboat trip inside the Muyil Channels, this part of the trip is like being on heaven!.. you just need to let you go through the flow of  water, and the crystal clear water will make the rest of your trip. Listening the sound of the nature, the water, the wind, the plants, orchides, mangrove, birds and fishes; will be your companions.


Then we will go deep into an Estuary to watch some crocodiles (Moreletti). An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea. Where  we will have a Picnic on a  virgin beach called Boca Paila. This place is perfect to takes amazing pictures!.. its time to feel the greatness of nature. This is a perfect time, to think about how small we are in the universe and the beauty of being part of it as a hole living individual connected to each other.


Now its time to enjoy one of the best Sunsets in the Riviera Maya while bird watching infront of a Mangrove Island. The colors you´ll gonna see in this moment will be the best part of your day. Including the beautiful diversity of birds that will be flying and singing in that perfect moment.


So, now you understand why  is one of the favorites PhotoSafaris of our guests?

Join us in this Private tour , and fall in love with Real Life!








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