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One of our Private Tours in Bushman Photography is in Chichen Itza.

We choose this place, because is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. So we think is important  to share with you why is so special this place.

Well, here is a little bit of the Magial history of Chichen Itza and its importance…

Chichen Itza is breathtaking, not only for the monumental size of its buildings, but also for the wondrous interplay of light and shadow, particularly during the equinox, when a row of triangles descends the grand staircase of the El Castillo pyramid like an undulating serpent. This pyramid was most likely dedicated to Kukulcan, the plumed  serpent, who was worshiped  in the central highlands with the name  Quetzalcoatl.

The city of Chichen Itza rose to prominence  during the late Classic period, when part of the metropolis was erected in what is known as the Pucc style. It enjoyed its greatest splendor  during the early Postclassic period, about 1000 CE, with  the influx of groups from Central Mexico. At  that time, the new arrivals builts structures next to the ancient Maya City, among the most notable, the  Temple of the Great Ball Court, the tzompantlior sKull Rack, and the El Castillo pyramid. In that same period, the enigmatic figure of the chac Mool was incorporated into the region´s sculptural imagery.


This place has a great history, an incredible energy and amazing buildings, which day by day is surprising those who visit it.

Join us in this Photo Safari around Chichen Itza and be part of the history!



Milky Way above Chichen Itza Pyrimid Private Tour Photo Safari


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