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February 27, 2018
March 2, 2018
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On our private tours, Bushman Photography always want to make people feel connected to the place they are visiting.

So we would like you to know a little more closely the diversity of our origins and thus be able to feel and  fully experience the beauty of our Riviera Maya.


México is one of the finest examples of the complexity of these processes and of the gradual formation and transformation of the idea of cultural heritage. ( It comprises not only architectural monuments and remains, works of art, and objects produced by past cultures or civilizations, but also remains of scientific value, bibliographic, documentary, scientific, and technical collections,and goods classified as paleontological, archaeological, historic, or artistic heritage depending on the period to which they pertain).  [Rafael Tovar y de Teresa /President, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes]

The idea of the process of cultural intermixing began in México with the arrival of the Spaniards was discarded long ago . Ethnically and Culturally, our nation  has always been a melting pot of peoples and cultures intermixing through the most diverse and complex processes that have not always been characterized by free or natural cultural  exchange or trade, but also by the super imposition, opposition, and  replacement of cultural forms. Thus, although each people has forged its own perspectives and models that we perceive as ways of understanding or valuing what can be considered its cultural heritage, the concept of cultural heritage as a system of free-flowing communication between the groups and the communities that, in a broader sense, constitute a people -as a factor of thew integration of diverse social sectors and strata, i.e of a sum of heterogeneous elements-  has it origins in México´s emergence as a nation-state.

The War of Independence  (1810-1821) and the Revolution (1910)  led the country to engaged  in far-reaching introspection, to examine its inner nature, to become conscious of its identity and to redefine the national project.

In both events, the nation gained awareness of its historical plurality and of the need to root its unity in diversity. This self-awareness led us to acknowledge our culture as a non-homogeneous one, as a culture of cultures rooted in syncretism, in coexistence, and in the reciprocal exchange of diverse traditions. Thus, the history of the concept of cultural heritage reflects, for us, a gradual broadening of the genres  and forms  it comprises, and for their expressions in different ethnic or social groups. It has matched the gradual social integration of these groups in our society and the recognition of their social and legal equality in this process.

As a result, until quite recently, it has been necessary to introduce explicit decrees and reforms to our juridical system in order to properly recognize Mexico as a multiethnic and multicultural nation, and to fulfill its obligation to foster the development of the languages, cultures, practices, customs, resources, and specific forms of organization of indigenous peoples.

We believe that that impact tourism should have on a destination is to raise awareness about environmental and community issues. This will ensure the sustainability of the destination and encourage authenticity for satisfied visitors who will share and promote their holiday experience.

Ecotourism is the perfect deal for Riviera Mayas’s most frequent type of visitor,
“The Experience Seeker”.The area of Tulum has something to offer for every holiday type, whether it be trek-king, snorkeling and diving, honey-moons, spa, or cruising.

“The Experience Seeker” is looking for authenticity, opportunities to learn and experience something different, adventure and like most consumers, quality and value for money. Bushman Photography is compromised for planting a seed of consciousness on our daily Seeker.



Mayan Girl - Mayan Village Private Tour Photo Safari

Mayan Crown - Mayan Village Private Tour Photo Safari

Mayan Village Private Tour Photo Safari

Underground Cavern Riviera Maya Private Tour Photo Safari









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