Private Tour experiences away from the crowds

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May 30, 2019
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Private Tour experiences away from the crowds

What a relief to be away from the Crowds! Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum are all subject to massive tourism so the majority of tour providers pack as many people possible in huge busses with tight schedules and no attention to detail! When you try for the first time a private tour experience, you never want to be rushed through the sites with 60 other tourists again.  Bushman Photography private tours are not only an intimate experience at your own pace with no one but your family on board, we also specialize in finding the most magnificent scenarios of Riviera Maya and gift you with beautiful moments by yourself.

One of the best features of taking a private tour experience with Bushman is that your guide is not only certified in nature tourism, but he is also as well a professional photographer ready to capture the essence of unforgettable moments. We started off as a group of photographers looking for the best lighting scenarios in Ancient Mayan temples, Virgin Lagoons, Underground caverns, national reserves etc. and coincidentally at this moment, there is no one!

On our private archaeological tours, we arrive before the crowds and enter with a special access to witness the most fascinating array of colors in the sky.  The feeling of observing ancient Mayan Temples for sunrise is unparalleled. Having the place to yourself with no heat or crowds and a professional photographer to capture those magical moments really takes the experience to another level.

Labeling Bushman Photography as a private tour company would not be accurate, we see ourselves as providers of Private photographic safari experiences, that are targeted to like-minded people seeking an intimate connection to nature and culture. Being at one of our private tours will always be pampering, as we focus on delivering excellence in every single detail.  The most beautiful component of our private tours is that we always end up making friends with fascinating people, and our clients get to experience honest and authentic Mexican hospitality.

We are passionate about our trade, so it’s never a day at work, going on tour is always an upcoming adventure.  The core of our philosophy is to go beyond expectations, not because it’s good for business, but because we are people dealing with people, and we would love to be treated the same way.


Written by

Yosua Gonzalez

Photographer and Tour Leader


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