Sac Actun the biggest Cave system in the World

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January 15, 2018
February 20, 2018
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Sac Actun the biggest Cave system in the World


Lots of our guests that our staying on any of the Eco Boutique Hotels from Tulum asks us to start the day with a visit to any Cenote. But let us tell you why we decided to use Sac Actun as our secret place for making photography and have ones in a life time adventure.

The Sac Actun system was recently declared by (GAM) “Gran Acuifero Maya” powered by the INAH, the Biggest Cave with water of the world. Guillermo de Anda, director of the research project confirmed this January 10th, that after 10 months of daily hard work in the most extreme conditions and 14 years of labor in the area. The Sac Actun underground system and Dos Ojos now connected have a total extension of 347 km.

So we our proud to announce that the Cenote that we have on our itinerary for the Photographic Workshops is the most important archeological site underwater of the world. With more than one hundred different archeological elements: extinct fauna, early humans, mayan archeology, pottery from different eras, and funerary settlements.

If you want to join us with an underground adventure please send us an email or book a private tour on our web page. Just choose your experience and make sure you have the guts. Dare to do it!





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