What are you waiting to live an extraordinary adventure ?

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March 26, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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What are you waiting to live an extraordinary adventure ?

We have always said, there are no better holidays like those that are shared with a loved one.


As a birthday present, Ben has brought Melanie on vacation to Tulum, a magical place with charm, full of energy and spirit.


Vanessa and Paul, friends of Ben and Melanie have done a private tour, a photo safari offered by Bushman photography in the Sian Kaan biosphere reserve, and they have loved it, because the contact with nature is something unique, they have seen many animals in his photo safari and they are convinced that Ben and Melanie would love to do the private tour, so they suggest them to do the same photo safari.

The tour begins in search of the mystics Manatees, getting to see them in nature is impressive and exciting, after that they have found an osprey nest and they can see the chicks in the nest. Then they visit the mangrove forest and learn that this wonderful tree is responsible for generating unbeatable living conditions both for us and for the animals that inhabit it.

On the way to a pristine beach for a picnic Ben & Melanie can see pelicans, Melanie’s favorites, and herons fishing in the lagoon.

But besides observing nature in this photo safari today is a special occasion, Dany the guide comes in the company of Claudia his beloved wife, Dany, and Claudia explains to Ben and Melanie that there is a dog abandoned on that beach and that today they will try to rescue him. Ben and Melanie are very excited about the mission and decide to join the rescue.


After enjoying a delicious guacamole and a good wine, they find the dog, but there is a problem! The dog is on the other side of the coast. So with the help of Hector (the boatman) they approach the boat to the other coast to call the dog, but the current is strong and it is hard to maneuver the boat, that’s why Hector has to back off, but the dog seems to understand and he starts swimming to cross to the other side of the coast. What an emotion to see the dog swimming against the current, it seems that he knows they want to rescue him!

Already on the other side of the coast, the dog is placed on the leash, but he is very upset, and he gets very scared. So this time it will not be possible to bring it home. Dany and Claudia leave him food and hope to return so they can gain the dog’s trust and help him return home.


Ben and Melanie have enjoyed this wonderful day, Dany has let them know what role mangroves play in our ecosystem, they have learned from birds and manatees and they have seen that there are many good people trying to help the animals that need it most. No doubt an experience to remember for the rest of their life.

What are you waiting to live an extraordinary adventure too?


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